Tips for more replies to your listing

Are you looking for a tenant or roommate? You can create your advert for free and immediately receive replies of potential tenants and roommates on your room, studio or apartment. 

A complete listing can make the difference between 5 and 50 replies.

Here's a few tips that we've seen help increase replies dramatically

Tip 1: Add photos to your listing
As a landlord, you also want to see who is replying to your listing. Tenants can immediately see what a room looks like if there are photos. Add up to 10 photos of the property and give them a title, so the tenants know what they can expect. You can add photos in the third step of creating a listing.
Tip 2: Dutch vs. English description
Make sure that both descriptions are filled out. Users that user our website in Dutch, will only see the Dutch description. English users will only see the English description if there is one.
Imagine missing out on an entire audience. No, we don't want that: we want your property leased ASAP.
Therefore, it is not enough to just mention 'see Dutch description', since the users can only see one version.
Tip 3: Add a complete description
A complete description is very important. Remember that it is an advertisement and that you want to rent out the property as soon as possible. You kinda have to sell it.
Mention the location, the facilities and tell something about possible roommates and the rules in the house. You can also already mention the viewing date(s) so tenants can keep this in mind. 

A short sentence of 'nice room in the city centre' is not appealing to the potential tenants or roommates. Especially if there are no photos of the room, studio or apartment.