My listing hasn't been approved

After you've created  a listing on, you may receive an e-mail within a few hours that says: "Uw advertentie op is afgekeurd / You're advertisement on has been disapproved'.

You can find your rejected ad in 'My Inactive Adverts':

section 35

Reasons for rejection

Presence of contact information

It is not allowed to add contact information (telephone number, email address, Facebook page etc.) to your listing. The name of your student house is also not allowed.

Please remove any contact information and try to place the advert again.

Offered the advertisement too many times

It is not allowed to place the same ad twice. Probably the first one has been approved, but the second one isn't.

If there is more than 1 room available on the same address, make sure you mention it in the description or let us know so we can approve both adverts.

Unclear information

Your advertisement's description was probably unclear. Please adjust your description and try again.


It can be that the reason for rejection isn't clear. You can check your ad if you see anything weird and change it.

If you really don't understand why your advertisement has been disapproved, you can contact us and we'll help you out.