How do I rent out my property faster?

Do you have a property available and do you have an active listing?

It can happen that you didn't receive as many replies as expected. You can easily get more attention for your advert and reach more tenants on Kamernet with different supply promotions.

Top ad

You can place your ad at the top of the search results, to make it stand out.

You can choose how long you want it to be at the top of the results: 3, 7 or 14 days.

Pinning your advertisement on top of the search results it will look this:

EN section 31.1 (Top ad)

Fresh start

By resetting the date you move your listing back to the top of the search results.

Reply for free

Because users need a Premium Account to be able to reply to your listing, you might've not gotten as many replies as you wanted to.

But, you can unlock your listing for all Kamernet users (even the free users). This way you create a bigger audience and you can receive even more replies. You can choose to let people reply for free for 3 days, 7 days or 14 days.

If you unlock your advert to all users, it will look like this in the search results:

En section 31 (react for free) 1

What if you combine the suggestions above?

If you choose multiple options it will be combined in your shopping basket. Should you have remaining credits, you can use your credits to "pay" for the combination.

There are several bundles with credits that you can purchase, these go per 100, 250, 500 or 1000 credits.

You can use the following payment methods: iDeal, creditcard, direct debit, Sofort Banking, Bancontact and PayPal.

Where to set this up?

You can find all the options for extra promotion by going to "My adverts" and clicking on the green button "Rent out faster". 

section 31 part 3