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I have paid but am unable to reply to a listing

After you have paid for a Premium Account, you should be able to reply to listings immediately.

If you are unable to reply to listings 20 minutes after you've purchased your membership: try logging off and on again. That usually does the trick.

Try this first

  • About 20 minutes after you paid: log off & log in again;
  • Try a different browser ( so when you use Google Chrome, switch to Windows Edge, Safari, FireFox, Opera etc.) then log in again;
  • Do you use an adblocker, either as an extension in the browser or some other way? Try turning it off and see what happens; 
  • Clare your browser's cache. Don't know how to do that? Google 'clear cache [BROWSER NAME]' and follow instructions. Then log in again; 
  • Check the email address you logged in with. Because you can login with Facebook on Kamernet as well, the email address associated with your Facebook account might be different. So be sure to check that if that's the case for you. 

What if it still doesn't work?

Something might've gone wrong with the payment itself.

In that case, you can contact us with a scan or a screenshot of the transaction. With that we can look into it and process your payment manually if need be.

Please note that the Premium Account is a continuous subscription with automatic renewal.