How does Kamernet prevent scams?

To prevent scammers from being active on our platform, Kamernet does the following:  

  • We screen all new profiles and listings;
  • Screen any changes that are made on existing profiles and listings;
  • Block IP addresses from regions that have showed to be frequently used by scammers. 

There is a special team that reviews all changes on our website and blocks scammers before the content is online. This way a lot of scammers never see the light of day on Kamernet.

Unfortunately, some scammers are able to circumvent all these checks and setup their scams on our platform. If that happens and you are suspicious of a listing or a user, you can report another them.

What happens after I reported a user?

When a you report abuse or a scam an investigation is triggered.

During our investigation we go through any history the user has and what kind of action was taken at the time (if there is any).

When it is determined that the user is indeed a scammer, we add the label 'BLOCKED USER' to the profile. This alerts other users that this person is not reliable.

Everyone who has been in contact with the scammer gets notified by email.