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How can I cancel my Premium Account?

You can cancel your Premium subscription at any time on the Premium Account page. To avoid new payment you need to make sure to cancel Premium account not less than 24 hours before renewal would take place. 

Step 1.

Click 'STOP PREMIUM ACCOUNT' in the subscription section on the bottom of the "My account page". Or in the menu on the left on the "My account" page.

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Step 2.

You will receive a pop-up warning. Click ‘yes’ to confirm your cancellation.

Step 3.

The subscription has been cancelled. Please make sure you received an email confirmation of your cancellation. 

Your Premium Subscription will not be renewed after the current billing cycle ends. You can continue to use your Premium subscription till the end of the current cycle.

If you do not cancel your Premium Subscription, it will be renewed every 15 days or every month, depending on the type of Premium Account you purchased.


Once your subscription cycle is over you still will have access to the chats you've already opened. Meaning you can continue communication with those whom you previously were in contact with.

Shall you have any questions about the status of your subscription or payments feel free to reach out to customer support.