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Does Kamernet.nl charge mediation costs?

Mediation fees

Kamernet is a marketplace where all types of housing-related supply and demand comes together.

Kamernet, however, is not a mediator and therefore not involved in the rental agreement. We only connect landlords with potential tenants and vice versa. Therefore, Kamernet does not charge any agency fees.

Real estate agents are not allowed to charge agency fees through the Kamernet platform, if the real estate agent, housing agency or any other third party also works for a landlord.

In that case the real estate agent is not permitted to charge a mediation fee to the tenant as well.

This prohibition is also applicable when the agency fees are named differently (for example: commission, administration costs or mediation costs).

Additional costs

One of the key pillars of Kamernet’s policy is transparency. It is imperative that additional costs are clearly stated. Advertisers have the possibility to fill in the space of extra costs when creating their advertisement.

However, only legally permissible extra costs are allowed. Examples are

  • The extra costs for gas, water and electricity;
  • The amount of security;
  • Municipal taxes.

Lease related costs

An advertiser may charge extra fees regarding the lease if they are in direct contact with the tenant (so there is no agent involved).

The Dutch government explains this as follows (Kamernet translated this):

Are you in direct contact with the landlord about renting a house or room? Then the landlord is allowed to charge contract costs. How high these costs can be is not set in stone. De contract costs cannot be unreasonably high. The costs should be in proportion to the actual costs that the landlord faced.

Please also check this article about what additional costs can be charged by the landlord or real estate agent.

And for more rental information, go to the website of the Dutch government.

If a real estate agent wants to charge an agency fee that you think is illegal, for example the amount of one month rent, please send us an email. We will then further investigate the matter.