Why has my payment been unsuccessful?

Your payment is deemed not successful if we receive a notification from your bank that we can not debit your account. The notification doesn't inform us about the reason for the decline. To find out why it happened to you, as the account holder, you need to contact your bank.

Possible reasons for an unsuccessful payment 

A payment being unsuccessful can happen for a few reasons. For example:

  • You have an insufficient balance;
  • You might have exceeded a daily limit;
  • The bank was unable to run their verification process correctly;

Thus, ensure that the balance of your account is sufficient, and that your account is not blocked against debits.

How to move forward after a failed payment?

If the direct debit payment fails, there is still a payment obligation since you purchased the Premium Account and/or Early Bird.

You'll also receive a payment reminder through email when the automatic debit payment has failed. This reminder contains a new payment link which you can use to complete the payment.

You can check your outstanding balance in your account under the tab "Invoices".

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