When and how much will there be charged?

When you buy a premium account, you will pay with iDeal or creditcard.

That is the amount for the first billing cycle. For the billing cycles that follow, we will automatically debit your bank account using the pre-authorized that was setup during your first payment (using the payment method from that first payment as well).

Types of subscriptions and when to expect a debit

Your subscription does not stop automatically and we will renew your it every single billing cycle until you cancel the subscription yourself.

Therefore, we will charge the costs for every single subscription period automatically from your bank account via direct debit.

Even if you don't want to use it any longer: unless you cancel it keeps being renewed.


15 days subscription (€21 per 15 days)

After the first payment, this subscription renews every 15 days. This happens by direct debit.

So if you purchased the subscription on May 1st, then the first billing cycle runs from May 1st til 15th. Within that period you can cancel without a new billing cycle being created.

However, when you cancel the 16th, the second billing cycle has started and you will be debited. If you do cancel the 16th, you will be able to use the Premium Account till the 31st and then it will stop.


1 month subscription (€34 per month)

When you've purchased this subscription, it will renew every month. This also happens through direct debit.

Another example: when you purchased the 1 month subscription on May 1st the first billing cycle will run til May 31st. If you cancel anytime within that month, it will not renew.

However, when you cancel on June 1st, the second cycle has been created and you will be debited. Again, you can keep using it until it runs out.


When will you be charged?

The debit will show up on your statements about 3 days after the last day of the billing cycle. So if we stick to the above examples for the 15-days it will be around May 18th and for the 1 month subscription it will be around June 3rd.