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The landlord hasn't replied yet

Unfortunately not all landlords reply to every message they receive. They might even only contact those they want to invite for a viewing.

If you feel you're not on the landlord's radar, you can send them another message. As a reminder and to show you're really interested. 

On our side we do our best to stimulate landlords to reply to your message: whether it's positive or negative, you have the right to a reply. 

Even though not getting a reply can't always be helped, there are things you can do.

What can you do to increase your chances?

  • Make sure your message is personal and introduce yourself and explain why you're interested in the property;
  • Make your profile visible to everyone, because landlords can actively look for tenants as well;
  • Fill out your entire profile. Of course always share what you're comfortable with, but we'd suggest that you fill out more than the bare minimum.

On a last note: lots of landlords usually start with contacting interested tenants when they've removed the listing from the website. So if you don't see the ad anymore and haven't received a reply: don't worry, there's still a good chance you get invited for a viewing.