Why are there HousingAnywhere listings on Kamernet?

Kamernet has recently become part of HousingAnywhere, the largest rental platform in Europe. Because we are now part of the HousingAnywhere platform, you now also see HousingAnywhere listings on Kamernet.

With so much more on offer, the chances are even bigger that you will find your future home.

Just like on Kamernet, searching for properties is entirely free on HousingAnywhere. You only have to subscribe when you want to contact the owner.

HousingAnywhere has a dedicated customer support team available by phone, email, and chat.

You also benefit from advanced scam detection, and your first month's rent is protected if the ad is not as described.

When you land on the HousingAnywhere website via a property listing on Kamernet, you can reply to the ad on HousingAnywhere and chat with the respective landlord.

For regular Kamernet listings, you can send your message to the landlord at the bottom of the ad, as usual.