How do I get in touch with the landlord?

When you've found a listing you're interested in, you can send a message to the landlord by scrolling down the listings page. Then, just above the 'Ideal Tenant' section, and under the landlord's profile, you'll find a text box with which you can reach out.Section 4_ part 2


What happens after?

If you reply on an advert, your message is immediately send to the landlord or roommate. You can find the sent and received messages at your Kamernet Inbox.Section 5 _ part 1

What's where?

On your Dashboard, you can find your most recent messages and replies, your favorite listings, the details of your account and view the latest ads that match with your search.

In 'My Account' you can fill in your 'Public profile' and change your information and photo's.section 5 _ part 2


When you create a search you have the option to save it, creating a notification.

section 11

You can also create a search profile there to make your profile visible for landlords and roommates: which we highly recommend as landlords and roommates can search for you too. So the completer your profile is, the better.

You can set all your notifications in your Settings.

If you have any questions about your Kamernet account or if you have feedback about our website, do not hesitate to contact us so we can help you!